'The World's most innovative Bluetooth padlock.'

Proxie Padlock - Apple Green

Proxie Padlock - Apple Green

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    • Open with your Smartphone - iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android
    • Send access to a friend; one time, set period of time, or indefinitely.
    • Manage your locks with the Proxie App on your Smartphone.  (Download for free from iTunes or Play Store.)
    • Use the rugged and waterproof Proxie Sportband to lock your Smartphone in your locker when you are at the gym, in a fitness class, playing a contact sport or having a shower or swim.
    • Made from a single ingot of anodized aluminum which make the Proxie very hard, scratch resistant and it can be manufactured in lots of vibrant colors.

    We are very excited to introduce you to the Proxie Padlock.  Proxie is the world’s most innovative padlock.  This patent pending technology is revolutionizing the way we look at padlocks.  The Proxie utilizes two radios - Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and NFC (Near Field Communications) - to ensure that you have optimal flexibility for managing your Proxie from your Smartphone.  Open your Proxie Padlock with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android Smartphone.   Send access to your Proxie to a friend from anywhere in the world.

    Do you have a locker or know someone that does?  Gym, health club, fitness, school? Then you are going to love the Proxie Padlock.  The Proxie was designed to be used at your gym or on your school locker, or anywhere you currently use a padlock.

    The Proxie Padlock is manufactured from a single ingot of anodized aluminum which makes the lock strong and resistant to corrosion. It also allows the Proxie to be offered in multiple vibrant colors and patterns.  The shackle is constructed of hardened steel to help ensure the safety of your belongings.


     'Proxie Padlock, the Internet of Things, for your locker'


    The Proxie App allows you to control user access to your Proxie Padlock remotely. You can grant access to a friend indefinitely, for a day, one time used, or for a defined period. It is up to you. And you can always change the access that you have granted them.  Because the person that you gave access to never has the key or code you can easily remove their access if needed.  Breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend?  No longer want your neighbor borrowing your tools?  Quickly remove their access to your Proxie.

     The Proxie App that runs on your Smartphone uses an encrypted connection when connecting to your Proxie. This helps ensure the security of your locker.



    Your Proxie can be used anywhere that you are currently using a padlock.  It is great for yoga classes, the health club, school, university, golf club, storage locker, equipment room, cupboard, ski locker, etc.

    Image for a minute that you, or someone in your family, are sick in bed with the flu and the textbook that you need to complete your next assignment is in your locker at school - university, high school, collage, etc. What do you do?  You could ask someone in your class to bring you the textbook on their way home.  But first you would either have to give them the combination to your lock, which they would have forever, or somehow get them the key.  If you are lucky enough to have a Proxie Padlock you can send them onetime access to the lock.  They can now open your Proxie with their Smartphone and retrieve your textbook for you. If they try to access your Proxie Padlock a second time it will not open.


    If you are like the majority of North Americans you have a Smartphone. Like most of us you probably have it with you almost all of the time.  Why not have your iPhone or Android manage your locker at the gym or health club for you? Image walking into the locker room, touching your Proxie, and your Proxie opens.  No keys, no combination to remember.  Just touch and open.  It’s that simple.


    'Physical keys and combination locks are so 2014' 


    Don’t have the latest and greatest Smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) or NFC? That’s okay, we have you covered.  Proxie comes with a Proxie Smartcard, Proxie Sportband and Proxie sticker so that you have alternative methods to open your padlock.

    The Proxie sticker is designed to be places under the battery cover or on the back of older cellphone or on anything you would like.  With the sticker in place you can tap your mobile phone against the Proxie to open it.  Unfortunately, because you are not running the Proxie App you will not be able to send access to your Proxie or receive access to your friend’s Proxies.

    Forget to plug in your Smartphone or forget your Smartphone at home. Not a problem. Your Proxie comes with a Proxie Smartcard that is designed to be used as your backup, your contingency. Keep the Proxie Smartcard in your wallet or give it to your mother for safe keeping.  The Smartcard is also a great option for people that don’t have a Smartphone.  The Proxie Smartcard can be used on its own to open the Proxie Padlock; it is similar to a building access card which you keep in your wallet.



    The Proxie Sportband has been designed for the athlete in you.  Some people like to take their iPhone with them into the gym to listen to music. Others want it locked safely in their locker.  And others have no chose; they just can’t take their Smartphone with them - water polo, football, etc.  Because the Proxie Sportband is water proof it is great for swimming, showers, running, etc.  Lock your valuables in your locker and hit the pool.

    If you like the Proxie back us on Kickstarter and remember to tell your friends about the Proxie.